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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

One and One and One and One make ESPN2

Yesterday was a hectic day of rehearsal and practice, getting a feel for the ESPN studios.  The band quickly found their footing and things started to click.  Live television is much different than performing live.. the pace is much quicker, jump in, jump out, hit your marks, short and sweet.Today is the real deal, they're recording the ESPY Nomination Special which will be broadcast tonight @ 11:00 pm Edt on ESPN2 and will be rebrodcast constantly during the month of July on the ESPN networks and on ABC Sports, leading up to the ESPY broadcast itself.  I'll have some more pictures posted after today's taping, so set your DVR's and catch the show; the McLovins' first national television broadcast.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Big doings are coming this week, first off the news is out; The McLovins are guest starring as the house band for ESPN broadcastings SPORTSNATION show.  Their first 3 shows are this week, Wed, Thurs and Friday @ 5:00 pm EDT on ESPN2, with frequent rebroadcasts throughtout the upcoming weekend.  Friday night June 29th the band performs in a concert at The Ridgefield Playhouse to benefit the Mystic Bowie Cultural Center to help provide funding so that the MBCC can continue their ongoing mission of providing scholastic and arts education to the children of Jamaica.  Saturday night sees The McLovins return again to the warm and inviting confines of INFINITY HALL for another epic show featuring 2 full sets of music. Tons of chances to catch the band as the summer ramp-up is in full effect. 

Looking forward to seeing a lot of familiar faces this week
and making a bunch of new friends!

Friday, June 1, 2012

1 and 1 and 1 makes a triptych..

     I've been collecting Avalon and Fillmore rock posters for years, and one of my favorite designs is a series of three posters designed by Rick Griffin featuring photos by Herb Greene, the last poster was finished up by Robert Fried instead of Griffin. 

   The Charlatans were one of the first and easily one of the mot influential of the early San Francisco psychedelic bands.  In June 1965, the Charlatans began an extended residency in Reno, Nevada at the Red Dog Saloon.  This six week gig was notable for the fact that the poster created for this series of shows is undoubtedly the first psychedelic rock poster, and the band experimented with LSD during this stint. Returning to San Francisco, the band adopted their signature late wild west garb and the rest is Haight Asbury history. Although never achieving the success of contemporaries Jefferson Airplane, The Grateful Dead or Big Brother and the Holding Company, the Charlatans still hold a warm spot in the hearts of psyche rock fans.  This set of three posters were for a 1967 stint at The Avalon Ballroom.

   I had been interested in creating an homage to this triptych for years, the hardest part being finding a series of 3 local shows that could be easily promoted.  I got more than I could have asked for when Jake mentioned a series of three consecutive upcoming dates.  

The Mclovins w/s/g/ Midnight Snack
Thursday, June 7th 2012  doors open @8:00 pm
the show kicks off @ 9:00 pm.

High Noon Saloon
The Mclovins w/s/g/ Midnight Snack & ROO
Friday, June 8th 2012   @8:00 pm

Litchfield Parks & Recreation
June 9th 2012 7 to 10:30 p.m.
Litchfield, CT Center Green