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Friday, September 21, 2012

Three of a kind beats two pairs...

The past couple weeks have brought three new YouTube performances from The McLovins. Nightshades, 8 Dogs and Yankee Rose were all born of a solid summer of festival stops and touring. . All three new compositions show the influence that a more solid touring schedule has had on the band, bringing to the mix much more nimble and supple pocket jamming, and showcasing the increasing songwriting skills of the quartet.

Nightshades is a loving tribute to Levon Helm and the band, wrapped in a quirky mélange of wordplay and allusion, served up hot and fresh.

8 Dogs, a sharp shock to the system, a jazzy throwback dirty as hell and not suitable for mixed company.

Yankee Rose, probably the most thoughtful of the three new songs, built on a brick foundation of cowboy psyche rock, more Dead than Allmans, a bit of NRPS and a slippery shot of Quicksilver. Mighty tasty and it goes down smooth.


Friday, September 7, 2012

Cut out from your magazine...

   I'm back to reality after a couple weeks of feeling under the weather, and imagine my surprise with waking up and finding this waiting for me!   Day to Day was the first song of the McLovins 2.0 era that had 'that" sound..  Falling firmly in the middle of being a jam anthem and a more thoughtful and mature piece for the band, it was for all intents and purpose the most balanced cut yet from this quartet.

                                                          Day to Day by The McLovins  
  Hot on the heels of the band's return for a 20 day road trip which saw them venture
down into North Carolina for 4 shows last month, the influence of the road and the discipline of playing gigs night after night have produced this new delight; Samson/Nightshade. This song and video showcase the impact that the double shot of The Allman Brothers and The Grateful Dead has had on this still evolving band. Fondly familiar yet curiously fresh, this one is a keeper!

                                                   Samson/Nightshade by the Mclovins