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Friday, February 18, 2011

The Legacy of Jim Cypher...

The McLovins family, and it truly is a family, lost one of it's own earlier today with the passing of Jim Cypher. Jim was an unfailing supporter of The McLovins, always willing to discuss the band and their music. His joy at this music, his photography and his love of literature touched everyone he shared it with, while his wisdom and patience were virtues well worth emulating.

I first met Jim in passing at the McLovins show last May at Infinity Hall. My wife and I were eating dinner before the show in the bistro, and he was seated at the table next to us. Right away I got the buzz that he was there for the show and could see he was so excited to see the band. We were formerly introduced at the Bearsville show when the band opened up for Max Creek and in fact, Jim had a spare ticket for the show and gave it away to another fan. That was just another example of his generous soul. Other shows followed; Gengras Motors in East Hartford and Brooklyn Bowl with Tom Marshall.

The Brooklyn Bowl show was the last time I saw Jim, though we stayed in touch via Facebook and e-mail. Jim had started mentoring Krista in the art of photography, and he had e-mailed me the other day following a blog post were I utilized some of Krista's photos.. he was as proud as he could be of his students work and her growth as an artist. So his passing leaves us with an empty space, a void that will inevitably fill in with other distractions, however, the loss will remain. He was a gregarious and witty man, sharp as a tack, drinking in all that life had to offer and making wise use of the time he had.. I would think that we could all only hope to do as well. Goodbye Jim.

"Just one thing I ask of you, just one thing for me...
Please forget you knew my name, my darling..Sugaree"

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