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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

3 Faces of Close to the Line...

This summer has been a hectic and fantic time for The McLovins. After a nearly 6 week layover, the band has stormed back with a series of concerts that has cemented their position as a band to watch. As if there's any proof needed that The McLovins have really turned a corner and aren't looking back; I offer up for your perusal, 3 performances of Close To The Line. These 3 versions were performed during three consecutive shows in a span of 4 days earlier this month. Each performance is unique, each has it's own musical arc and the jamming in each is fiercely singular. Turn these up, there is something special happening this summer.

The Mclovins Live at Mills Pond (August 4 2011)

Close to the Line, middle of the 1st set

Dropped right in the middle of the first set, wonderfuly interaction between Jason and Jeff, funky and breezy, perfect for a calm summer eve.

The McLovins at Camp Creek (August 6 2011)

Close to the Line, the set opener

Fierce and assertive, an attention grabber and a kick in the teeth. Jake sets the table and Jeff and Jason serve it up, hot and tasty.

The McLovins Live at SoNo Arts Festival (August 7, 2011)

Close To The Line, 2nd set opener

This rendition sets the tone for the entire set, an aural assault, wonderfully funky and loose. A thick jam helps lead off this set off with bang.

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  1. quite possibly biased, but what a great set opener for SoNo Arts 2nd set.... incredible rendition. And great call to attention to this song's variations over several shows. Nice perspective. Dig it. :)