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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Turning a Corner...

The first show with the new 4 member configuration of The McLovins was on New Years Eve, at Arch Street Tavern.  We now have a band who in a little over 100 days has turned a corner, actually they're sprinting at the moment, piling on technique and expansive jamming with their new compositions while at the same time having a healthy respect for their back catalogue.  They are adding new songs to their repetoire at a prodigous rate, tightening up and loosening at the same time.  I knew this time was coming, I had seen it before with this band where in a matter of weeks they took giant leaps forward, and the first inkling of this new growth spurt was at their show last month at Keene State.  The addition of Atticus alternating between keys and guitar has just caused the band to explode as each member is locked into the band as a whole; at the same time a bit more free to improvise but also aware of their place in this musical stew.  So free up a couple hours to listen to this Main Pub show, easily the best show so far in this 2.0 era of The McLovins.. through hard work and tireless practice, they are now in a perfect position to roar through a solid summer of festival and main stage performance, taking no prisoners and leaving audiences stunned and satisfied in their wake.. if there was any question about hopping onto the bus, do it now; it's a brand new day. 

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