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Friday, September 18, 2009

DYNNE by The McLovins

Mmmm sweet sound don't leave me now, must make this din so extra loud, from the tick and tock of an old grand-clock, when the doors go creak till the bombs go off, when you're all alone and there is not a sound, or when you listen to the roar of a crowd And you hear them shouting on and on, make this din live on and on

"This is my assistant, the awful DYNNE," said Dr. Dischord. "What is a DYNNE?" asked Milo... "You mean you've never met the awful DYNNE before?" said Dr. Dischord in a surprised tone. "Why, I thought everyone had. When you're playing in your room and making a great amount of noise, what do they tell you to stop?" "That awful din," admitted Milo. "When the neighbors are playing their radio too loud, late at night, what do you wish they'd turn down?" "The awful din," answered Tock. "When the street on your block is being repaired and the pneumatic drills are working all day, what does everyone complain of?" "The dreadful row," volunteered the Humbug brightly. "The dreadful RAUW,' cried the anguished DYNNE, "was my grandfather. He perished in the great silence epidemic of 1712."

Listen now and you can hear all the sound of eternity, laughter screeching whisper breathing, he can cure your sound deficiency

The Soundkeeper, once the benevolent ruler of the Valley, became upset with the lack of appreciation for beautiful sounds and the rise of Dr. Dischord's noises, and she, consequently, locked away all the sounds in her fortress. The blackboard man asks Milo to help by visiting the Soundkeeper and stealing a sound that they can use to destroy the fortress. Milo agrees and, with Tock and the Humbug sets out for the fortress

The sound keeper yelled be quiet but the little boy refused, I’m so glad he refused, made the right choice, so glad he refused, for what is a world with out sound..

"The Phantom Tollbooth © Norton Juster & Jules Feiffer - DYNNE © The McLovins

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