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Monday, September 7, 2009

Helping Hands on Hartford & Clear Channel 8/25/09

The McLovins played a single set today at the performance room at Clear Channel studios in Hartford. This was in response to a school supply drive sponsored by Helping Hands, Clear Channel was providing the drop off point. Confronted with a smaller performance room in a downtown office building, a late-ish arriving Jason and with loudness issues pressing, the band took this as a challenge and turned in a blistering show. During the sound check it became apparent that it would be a challenge to restrain the pure power and energy that this band brings to performing. Purple Trees led off at a moderate volume, however things quickly built in potency to full jam level. Bri followed, bringing the groove back and the intensity re-establishing as Jason and Jake just nailed the vocals. With Virtual Circle any concerns about loudness went out the window, as they tore this song up, Jeffrey was just punishing his Fender and at one point things were literally falling off the wall. The choice of songs really set the tone for the show. Sea Of Wisdom was up next and just pulled the audience right along with the band as they continued to flex some musical muscle.

From my perspective the confidence of the band right now is sky-high. They know their music and a summer of gigs have left them fearless in their jamming. Today they were performing in front of an audience for the most part unfamiliar with their music yet they avoided covers in favor of originals off of Conundrum. They trust their music to make a tangible connection with the audience and the guys continue to play to the crowd whether to 400 or to 20. The last three songs really building on another as Guillotine Machine was sharp and crisp leading into a rollicking Dynne, and finishing up with the musical melange of Conundrum. It was an impressively energetic show with just overwhelming sound. I'm just so happy for this band right now, they are really on the verge of it, even if they aren't aware of this, anyone who sees them perform live can feel it and see it and deep down, …we know.

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