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Monday, November 30, 2009

Today is the actual anniversary you know;

Today is the actual anniversary you know; Jeffrey pointed this out last night. 1 year ago tonight, the 3 of them gathered in the basement and pounded out what has become for this band a defining cover. This is the song that garnered them their reputation, undeservedly though, as a Phish cover band. This is the song that got them over 100,000 hits on Youtube. This is the song that drew throngs of fans to the Green Tent during Gathering of the Vibes following the piper’s call. YEM has been very good for The McLovins.

1 year later and they are not the same band, they still have their youthful enthusiasm but they now possess a sense of purpose, a new level of professionalism. They are a working band, playing whenever and wherever they can. The band is sharpening its craft, stretching themselves lyrically and musically. This year has seen a whirlwind of activity and change for the guys, they are now armed with an arsenal of originals, show-tested and crowd-proven. They go into the next year fearless, looking to hit that next level and all that requires is the band does what they’ve been doing for the past year. You can see it in their eyes, at every new venue they play that they are taking this seriously.

One of the most important keys to their success, if not the biggest has been their fan support. The online support the band has received proves how the paradigm has changed in the music industry. The McLovins have their destiny in their control, they produce their music, they create and sell their own merchandise, they book their own shows, but all the work they do could mean nothing if it wasn’t for their fan support. The fans are the ones who are buying the cd’s, they’re attending the shows and they’re helping to spread the word to their friends. So last night was a gift, a free concert streamed out so that fans all over the country could see the band live and could get a taste of what we who have the opportunity to see them regularly take for granted. Jake, Jason and Jeffrey are thankful for what this past year has brought them, and most of all thankful for all of you. So here’s some numbers from the last year:

100,000 YEM video views on Youtube
3,000 fans on Facebook
400+ attending the Gathering of the Vibes show
551 helping celebrate the 1 Year Anniversary

So again, thanks to all the Facebook fans, to all who watched them on YouTube and all those on Phantasy Tour who supported the band. We can all look forward to next year because The McLovins have just scratched the surface.

UStream McLovins YEM 1 Year Anniversay Show

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