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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

WPKN, Bridgeport - Sunday brunch 11/15/09


There are very few givens in my musical world, one is I love being able to go see live music and another is a hatred of 1 hour shows. In order to get the former, I sometimes have to deal with the latter. Now as I was winding my way down Route 8 on a gorgeous Sunday morning, I was assured in the knowledge that this would be an amazing show for them, and that they were going to deliver. David Golden hosts the Morning Maniac Music show on WPKN in Bridgeport and has been bringing live Sunday brunch concerts to his listening and streaming audience. This was the band’s 2nd appearance with David and he was very familiar with their music and instantly put them at ease in the studio. In David’s words “The first time they were here they were a young band with a viral video and some chops”, what the audience heard on Sunday was a maturing band playing a set of originals that delighted the nice contingent of fans that had made the trip in to see them.

David came on to introduce the band, and they dove headfirst into Deep Monster Trance, one of a trilogy of new songs they were to perform. DMT starts out thick and steady, loping along and then the pace quickens and the song drives forward building in tenor and strength. The climax of the song featured an extended tease of The Star Wars theme as it wound down. Guillotine Machine was next, a bass-driven bit of musical mayhem, this perfomance was very energetic and fluid. David comes back out and catches back up with the guys and taking some time to talk with Jason about his new bass. 20 In A 35 is where it all kicks in, the band is on a mission, just tearing this tune up. I am just really struck with the confidence they're playing with, a real sense of purpose and message. Virtual Circle continues the theme of the day another new song that they just punish. They are having a blast, stretching and pushing their music, fearless and so damn assured. It's not a cockiness, it's a swagger borne of a sense of knowing, not of boasting or bombast. The band again takes a break as David discusses their upcoming shows and the future course the band has plotted for itself.

Conundrum starts up and again Jake is the nucleus, tethering the rogue orbits of Jason and Jeff as they spin and spiral, now for my money this is the song that best showcases every facet of the bands talents. Purple Trees is a fit closer, as this has become the place for the band introductions, and as they play out the show, David closes out the broadcast thanking the band and audience. This band is on a roll and they really have an upward trajectory. I thought that after the amazing summer they had, the fall would be a more introspective time for the band but if possible they are playing more often than before, and really bringing an intensity and professionalism to every show, large or small. This dedication to the music and the performance is what is most telling about The McLovins, a perfect balance of responsibility and a love of the music and they always manage to remember that this music should be fun and it should be played loud!

Thanks so much to David Golden and Dave Schwartz who produced the show. Here's a link to the WPKN archive so you can relive this radio show.

The McLovins on the Sunday Brunch Concert


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