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Thursday, January 14, 2010

And did they get you to trade your heroes for ghosts?

We find ourselves smack dab in the middle of a dry spell. The last show of the old year was Sullivan Hall on 12/29, and the next proper gig isn’t until Sully’s in Hartford on 1/23/10. The first McLovin’s appearance of the New Year was a guest spot by Jeffrey at the 2nd Annual Nocera Benefit. Stanley Maxwell performed the “Wish You Were Here” album by Pink Floyd and Jeffrey joined in as the guest guitarist. This Sunday 1/17/10 the McLovins will be featured and perform on Uncle John’s DEAD AIR, live on WESU radio 88.1 FM. This still leaves us with over a week until the band headlines at Sully’s Pub.

One of the reasons I started keeping this blog was the immediacy of this new media and a feeling that if the start of this journey wasn’t written down, much of it would be lost in the shuffle. We now live in an era of fast-food content, a voracious search for the newest and the most fresh, consumed and digested at a feverish pace. Live concert recordings are upped literally hours after a show has ended, armchair quarterbacks dissecting and analyzing every step or misstep. Facebook and MySpace now offer access to artists that is immediate, and personal connections are formed at a faster rate than ever before. There has been a thinning of the wall between the artist and the fan in this new era, performers can now dispense with a record company or an A&R department because they can count on their fans to do much of their promotion work, allowing more creative freedom. I’m sure this nearly month long hiatus was full of some introspection for the band and a flurry of musical growth. Coming off a volley of successful end-of-year shows, I see this band emerging energized and with a sharp focus on the future and an amazing slate of upcoming spring shows. Try and catch them live on the radio or streaming this Sunday and make sure you try and get over to Sully’s to see them live, in the past this has been a very special venue for them and it always feels like a homecoming when they play.

Uncle John's Dead Air

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