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Monday, January 18, 2010

Dead Air @ WESU 1/18/10

An important point which I feel frequently gets lost, is that if you’re a fan of The Grateful Dead or of Phish, you’re a fan of music. You know and can appreciate musical originality, the complex signature changes and the improvisational jams. John Whalen is a fan of music, and last night he proved to be an adept interviewer and an avuncular host.

Dead Air on WESU radio in Middletown invited The Mclovins in for an interview and to play some of the band's newer songs. Right off the bat John keyed in on the age versus musical skill aspect of the band and quickly got to the heart of the matter which is the music. The guys were put very much at ease and had a great time doing the show. Quite a nice interview, thoughtful questions and candid responses really added to the experience. The show is up on the archive and makes a wonderful afternoon listen.

WESU - Dead Air Show # 246 - The McLovins

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