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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Of Jovi's and Black Eyes...

So this weekend there's a couple things cooking, first up is the Bon Jovi Battle Of The Bands contest which the lads were astute enough to jump on and sign up. Bon Jovi is offering a local Connecticut band a chance to open the Friday March 26th show for the band at their upcoming Mohegan Sun run. The entrants will be pared down to four finalists which will be announced Tuesday morning on Craig And Company on 96.5 WTIC FM, and then an old school Battle Of The Bands will take place Wednesday night at Murphy and Scarletti's on Farmington. Feel free to heap praise on the guys, it's not supposed to affect the decision, but we should support the band, here's a link to the comment board.

Vote Early and Vote often, make your voice heard!

Another local show tonight, the guys will be in downtown Hartford to perform at Black Eyed Sally's. Come early and stay late, there should be another new song and a new cover tune making their debut this evening. You really have to come out support the band when they're playing in our backyard. People will be kicking themselves in another year when the local shows become sporadic and in order to see the band they'll have to do some traveling. Bring your dancing shoes and let's blow the roof off this shack!

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