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Friday, March 26, 2010

Snoe.down tomorrow!

I find myself this morning in full-on Snoe.down prep, just going up for The McLovins, though I may catch the Moe. slope show. I was reading Mr. Miner’s post today and I was reminded what I love so much about The McLovins. They are at a point now where they have close to a hundred shows under their belt, mucically aware of the score and their job now is to sell the show, push the music , day in and day out. I was struck during last weekend’s Black Eyed Sally’s performance of how at ease they are now, they don’t have any of the ego issues associated with maybe an older band, none of the fear of standing up to the scrutiny or living up to the hype.. They are fearless, resolved and unafraid to fail. The jamming is locked in, the group awareness is staggering right now, the trio know where they are in the mix yet at the same time, prepared to fly off at a moment’s notice. Snoe.down is the start of another busy festival season for them and a chance for this band to quickly make an impact.. anyone who sees them live learns the lesson quickly, this band has a trajectory and that direction is up.

So come and enjoy the show, it’s a quick shot up 91 to Killington, the lodge is at the top of the hill past the golf club. The first 50 people in get a signed McLovin’s handbill, a nice commemorative piece that you’ll cherish. When you read Miner’s piece you’ll see that The McLovin’s emulate Phish more in character than in music, more in attitude than in style, Phish has laid a course for success that anyone can follow, tho many choose not to do the work. .. The McLovins are a band that does it’s homework and is not lazy, they put the time and effort in, striving to improve on every show and on every song. The audience is the lucky recipient, we get to reap the fruit of the band’s efforts, and we are all so much the richer for it.

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