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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Guess what I got!!!!

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I got home from work today and was so excited to find what the Postal music fairy had brought me! Now I can in no way be objective about this show, you can read my review of it here, I feel this was one of the best performances the band has turned in, but I can comment on the package as a whole.

Starting off with the cover, we find Steve K. has done another incredible job. In a few short months he has helped The McLovins forge a visual identity, he again sticks with the skull theme which has proven to be a flexible identifier for the band. This image can be customized to suit the event or the occasion. The cover printing and the packaging are first rate, a quality double cd holder, nice labeling on the discs and hopefully, this is the first in a line of live archive releases.

The guts are next, Jake's setlist is a gem, a mix of favorites, future classics and a couple kick-ass covers. 7 of the songs on this release are on the forthcoming sophomore disc from the band, Deep Monster Trance, This Town, Tokyo Tea, BeadHead CrystalBugger, Milktoast Man, Virtual Circle and 20 In A 25. This Town, BeadHead CrystalBugger and Tokyo Tea in particular benefit most from this live remastering. This Town takes on a real life of it's own, this along with Beadhead premiered at this show, but it still is so rich both lyrically and musically. Beadhead and Tokyo Tea sound much beefier, a more full sound and super definition between bass and guitar.

John Dailey did the original recording, patching into Dave's soundboard during the show. Dave Colbourne then took the original and remastered it, creating a denser sound, much better separation and levels with richer vocals than a typical live recording.. If you buy the 2 disc limited release or the mp3 download, this show is a keeper, and should be a harbinger of great things to come from this band..but based on how seriously these guys take their craft.... I expected no less.


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