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Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Mclovins catch the moe. show ..

Sometimes when The McLovins are not performing onstage, they are out walking among us, the mere mortals. Jake, Jason and Jeff managed to work their way over to Bear Mtn last Saturday after their triumphant set at the KI lodge @ Snoe.down and catch the afternoon Moe.set on the slopes. Thanks to Mclovin's family member Barry Blonder for these nice pictures, the capture a group of really excited guys getting off on some amazing music at an amazing festival.

A very nice picture of Carol and Holly, but look at the smile on that guy's face..

Thanks again to Barry for the pix, and next time I'll talk about May and the Next Big One...

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  1. McLovins are my new favorite band! How did they get so good so young? Amazing!!!