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Friday, February 19, 2010

2/12/10 Nectars - Burlington Vermont

Mclovins rage it
In the house where Phish began
What an epic night!

- Julie Parker

Fans watch Basslovin
His quiet intensity
Moves with a rich groove

- Anonymous

Page McConnell Smiles
Revolution Hall is There
McLovins Rock Out

- Anonymous

Drumlovin takes us
On a bold journey, his voice
Wild and generous

- Anonymous

Smoke machine and Light
McLovin Generation
Welcome to Vermont

- Scott Decker

Listen to him play
Axlovin teaches us all
The zen of shredding

- Anonymous

There really isn't a whole lot to say about this show. The band responds to the pressure of playing at such an historic venue and pull out another spectacular set. The new songs are the backbone of their live shows, Milktoast Man continues to flesh out and beef up, Virtual Circle, Deep Monster Trance and a the return of 20 In a 35 help to up the emotional intensity. Purple Trees and Killing Time are just free-form freak jams..all the time waiting for the train to run of the tracks but time after time they find their way back to the core of the jam. Just a remarkable winter of performances so far and more to come.

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