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Saturday, February 27, 2010

An Important Programming Message...

So its 1 week until another of those “next step” weekends for The McLovins, an exciting FREE weekend of fun from the band. On Saturday March 6th, they will be broadcasting live on UStream from the intimate setting of New Vizion studios in West Hartford. The very next day March 7th, they will be performing a matinee show at one of the newest and hottest New York City venues, Brooklyn Bowl.

For the streaming show, the setting is perfect, an acoustically balanced room in front of a smallish crowd, the interaction between the band and the audience should be nice and cozy. Last weekend I went over to New Vizion with Jake and ran a test for the audio and video streams, and both came out much better than you could hope for. The band’s producer, David Colbourne has a very solid vision of the bands strengths and an intuitive feel for the UStream process. This performance may be the best balance of visual and quality audio yet in a McLovins’ streamed event and it should yield a true “you are there” experience.

Sunday’s show moves to the other end of the spectrum, Brooklyn Bowl is a new but very exciting venue catering to the jamband scene. Brooklyn Bowl is a raucous playland, a 18 lane bowling alley backed up to a 600 person capacity dancehall. Add in world class bar food by Blue Ribbon Restaurants, FREE admission to the show and you have all the makings for a magical day of fun. So if you choose to attend one or both of these, yo have only one job and that’s to show up.

The band has really gone out of their way to create an amazing accessible weekend of fun, both events are free and just require your attendance. This brings up another point, the band’s use of the social networks. The promotion of these 2 shows will be pretty intense, sort of like internet carpet-bombing.

If you get a link or a tweet to these shows, whether it’s on Facebook, myspace, Twitter or somewhere else, just lend a hand and repost the link, or re-tweet the link. The power of the network is in the numbers, what starts on Twitter, makes it to FB and lands on myspace and shows up on Phantasy tour. You should be excited when you see multiple posts of the same event, it means it’s all working and the network is growing stronger. You want to make sure that you’re a part of this now, so that in 2 or 3 years you can say “I remember when”.... its been a magical trip so far, so make sure you climb on now, McLovinsnation is growing strong.

Click on any of the pics, most are links and will give you all the info you need for next weekend, So whether it's Jake on Facebook, Tyler on Twitter or me here at OAOAOMT, help spread the word and enjoy the ride.

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